120: Recap Episode: Net Profit, Planning, and Getting Into Gift Shops


In this solo recap episode
, I discuss the most important points and takeaways from my recent chat with outdoor photographer Todd Reed.

Here’s a recap of what I rant about in this episode 🙂

1. It’s all about net profit. Mind how much you’re spending. For example, I suggest creating a quarterly budget so you know how much you should be spending.

2. Make a 1 year plan for your business. Planning ahead and determining how much you want to make for the year will help you keep track of each month’s progress.

3. Getting into gift stores: If you’re looking to start selling prints or seasonal gift cards, approach a local gift shop owner and ask them what they want before you submit anything. Crazy, right? Ask them what will sell, and if there are any landmarks their customers respond well to. Then, go out and shoot it. Print a small test run for the store to see how their audience responds.


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