• Process of Being Pro
    Process of Being Pro
    What’s the best way to get your work out there into the public? Well, there is no secret tip or hack to doing that. In fact, it’s almost grossly simple how you get your photography work out to the public. Are you ready for the secret? Get...
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  • video in photography
    The Secret Move Most Photographers Are Ignoring? Video!
    Lights, camera, action! Photographers are well known for what they do best; photograph. But what if we could do more to get noticed? Turns out, they can. Ever considered putting video on your website? Now, you might be thinking, “Why would I put a video on my website...
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  • Do Your Photography Business Your Way
    Do Your Photography Business Your Way
    Photographers are pros as taking the alternate route in almost every situation. They find themselves shooting in crazy locations, take the long way home to snag the sunset at the right time, convincing close friends to pose for you and so on. You are a great example...
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  • ten before ten strategy
    How To Make “Ten Before Ten” Work For Your Business
    There are plenty of strategies and tools to use when starting your photography business. There will be free tools and paid tools that you can use to improve certain aspects of your business. However, it can be a little tiring to fight through the internet, the podcasts,...
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  • 4 Reasons You Need A Photography Mentor
    4 Reasons You Need A Photography Mentor
    One of the most valuable things you can do when you start your business? No, it’s not new gear. It’s not a brilliant website either. No, it’s not even a social media strategy that you need. You need a mentor. Finding a photography mentor is going to...
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  • Your Mindset Matters
    Your Mindset Matters
    Being a photographer is about talent. You must have the talent, patience, and ability to make images great. This takes practice, research, education, composition, and technological skills to accomplish. But that’s not enough. You have to have the right mindset. The right mindset starts by making sure...
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  • Buddy Branding
    Buddy Branding
    An online presence is an essential tool for your photography business, without a doubt, and these tools are simple and easy to use. They take some time and effort and maybe a bit of money if you want to boost your social media in some way. For...
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  • Clients Always Come First
    Clients Always Come First
    Photography is important almost solely because your job is to preserve memories. Clients and customers come to us and trust us to capture a moment, an hour, or an entire day with an event that they want to remember forever. This is the number one reason why...
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  • Aiming at the Right Targets
    Aiming at the Right Targets
    When you first start your photography business, it can be a little hard to nail down just one niche. Honestly, any person who needs any sort of photography is your ideal client when you’re new! However, as you start to grown and gain a strong portfolio, there...
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  • Mastering Your Business
    Mastering All Aspects of Your Business
    Hopefully, you haven’t experienced this, but some of you may have. It’s the same trouble that lots of photographers find themselves in after their business starts to take off. Photographers are easily one of the hardest working groups of people out there, but they aren’t always good...
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  • Top Tips to Up Your Website Game
    Top Tips to Up Your Website Game
    Having a website just isn’t enough anymore, although that can really set you apart from your competition, you need to step up your game even further. There are a few key elements that your website must do in order to attract the ideal customers you are looking...
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  • Technology is Power
    Technology is Power
    Technology is your friend, although it might not seem like it all the time. It can be overwhelming and exhausting to think about because it seems like those who are best at using technology are already so far ahead. It can all be intimidating, it’s true, but...
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  • Staying Fresh while Staying True
    Staying Fresh while Staying True
    Many of you are beginning photographers, but soon you will be well into your business. The years fly by when you start a business because you are engaged and start to miss the passing of time. This is mostly likely to happen when you live and breathe...
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  • Why You Should Keep Your Skills Sharp
    Why You Should Keep Your Skills Sharp
    Being well-rounded is a part of being a good student, leader, and business owner. This applies to all photographers too, no matter what you think your niche might be. Being able to empathize and at the very least, understand what other niches and styles other photographers are...
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  • 4 Tips the Pros Wish They Knew Sooner
    4 Tips the Pros Wish They Knew Sooner
    Over the course of time, there have been plenty of tips for you to read, try, and act upon and there will be many more in the future. As photographers, it should always be a goal to continue to learn and make changes to your own business...
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