• Four Basic Needs for Your Photography Business
    Four Basic Needs for Your Photography Business
    There are certain things that all photographers need and there’s also a clear list of things that photographers do not need. Many photographers start to blur the lines of these two lists because they think they need something more than what they have or they get caught...
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  • Outsourcing: Getting You Back to Photography
    Outsourcing: Getting You Back to Photography
    Photographers rival the top of the list of the busiest people and anyone who argues that fact is foolish and ignorant. In all reality, any entrepreneur is set up to be in for a very busy ride. Running your own business is really hard. There are so...
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  • The Price is Right
    The Price is Right
    Many experts in the field of photography will either admit to making this mistake or remember a close friend or acquaintance who made this mistake: mispricing your business. Artists of all sorts are asked to work for free or for very little all the time but instead...
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  • Reeling in the Ideal Clients
    Reeling in the Ideal Clients
    Think about how many people are in your town or city. Think about having a conversation with each of them. Even if you live in a town with few hundred people, imagining having a conversation with every single one of those people is still something that might...
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  • Don't Wonder About Your Worth
    Don’t Wonder About Your Worth
    Talking about money in any situation is tough. Talking about paying bills or spending money on large purchases will always be hard. The same is true for you, isn’t it? Talking about your own services, your art that you do for a living is really tough. It’s...
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  • 135: Your Strategic Portrait Party Questions Answered
    135: Your Strategic Portrait Party Questions Answered
    In this solo episode, I answer the most common questions I've been getting from podcast "Episode 128: The Definitive Guide to Throwing a Strategic Portrait Party". A strategic party can bring you income, clients, and credibility in your local community!...
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  • We're All in this Together
    We’re All in this Together
    You don’t have to do it alone. We’ve said that time and time again but we never want you to underestimate the power of a relationship. One method of marketing that most photographers don’t think about is reaching out to others that are not in your business....
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  • Perfect Your Portfolio
    Perfect Your Portfolio
    Taking great images is good, but showing them off is even better. Making your portfolio pop is basically the equivalent to sharpening your resume. You have to do it when you get new work and you have to do it in order to score the best jobs....
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  • Activate Your Accountability
    Activate Your Accountability
    They say the business life, especially in the beginning stages, can be lonely and dark. Though there is some truth to that, it doesn’t have to be that way. Contrary to popular beliefs and attempts, you can’t and shouldn’t do everyone on your own. Yes, we realize...
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  • Portrait Parties: The Power and the Purpose
    Portrait Parties: The Power and the Purpose
    Portrait parties are not dead. They might seem awkward, and probably will be without good planning, but there are numerous reasons why you should consider a portrait party as a way to stimulate growth in your company. There are many factors that would lead you to consider...
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  • Attitude and Gratitude: Building Confidence and Humility
    Attitude and Gratitude: Building Confidence and Humility
    As a business owner, many of us can attest to the feelings of elation as well as pure and utter fear. Business owners of any area or niche know the feeling and the range of emotions we go through on a yearly, weekly, or daily basis. However,...
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  • 128: The Definitive Guide To Throwing A Strategic Portrait Party
    128: The Definitive Guide To Throwing A Strategic Portrait Party
    Kickstart your photography business with a STRATEGIC portrait party! In this in-depth solo episode, I discuss how to throw a strategic portrait party that will seriously help you stand out from other photographers in your area. I did it for my business, and it can work for yours too....
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  • Curbing the Chill of Cold Calling
    Curbing the Chill of Cold Calling
    Cold calling as a marketing strategy is not dead and although it seems a bit “old-fashioned” many photographers still use this method to connect with people. There’s something very direct about a phone call. A voice on the other line instead of a line of text in...
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  • Excuses Make Expenses
    Excuses Make Expenses
    Photography is a lucrative niche and money starts slowly in the beginning. There are ways that you can control what you are spending and how much money you are making and making sure that you actually get to see some of that money at the end of...
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  • The Core of Your Business
    The Core of Your Business
    While there are many benefits to being good at all aspects of your business, it’s almost impossible to control everything and be successful. Sometimes, we feel like we need to do it all, all the time; especially when we are in the beginning stages of our business....
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