• reasons why your headshot is important
    Four Reasons Why Your Headshot is Important Too
    You spend so much time behind the camera that sometimes easy to forget that others want to see you in photos as well. Gone are the days of using selfies and Facebook profile photos as your headshot. It just doesn’t cut it anymore. As a photographer, you...
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  • be the best
    You Don’t Need to Buy the Best to be the Best
    Let’s face it, nearly every photographer has been guilty of this at one point or another and you are probably no exception. We get roped into buy-ins, referrals, and all of the latest and greatest when it comes to our photography business, but by the end of...
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  • four things to reflect on for the new year
    Four Things to Reflect on for the New Year
    As a new year greets us, there are likely many things you’ve been thinking of improving and goals you’re shooting for over the next year. And while this is the perfect time for making adjustments and improvements, you should also be taking time to reflect. To stop,...
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  • business cards are not dead
    Business Cards Aren’t Dead
    As technology has changed and advanced, there are some aspects of businesses that have changed things forever and have made permanent differences in the way we run businesses. There are also things in the realm of business that come and go in trends, just like clothing and...
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  • comparison game
    Avoiding the Comparison Game on Social Media
    In the age of social media, one of the biggest issues with photographers of all niches is the sharp edge of comparison. Since it’s so easy to share your work, it is also very easy for everyone else too. As a result, many photographers fall into the...
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  • speaking in your photography business
    How Talking Can Help Your Photography Business
    As photographers, hiding behind the lens is usually our best place. This is when we do our best work, of course, but much of our outreach work needs to be online or in person, but in both realms, we are using our words and voices.  To get...
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  • how to take a break
    Tips for the Workaholic: How to Take A Break
    Running a photography business is so tough. It really is! That does not mean that you can neglect your personal life and health. You probably know someone who has let their business become their life and when that happens your life, and your business can start falling...
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  • 4 Signs That You Might Have "Made It"
    4 Signs That You Might Have “Made It”
    Though some of you are there and some of you are not there, the goal is usually the same for everyone. You all want to make it. And while that means different things to different people, there are some clear defining factors that will start to signify...
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  • not your average editing tips for a better workflow
    Not Your Average Editing Tips for a Better Workflow
    Let’s face it, your photos are what’s going to get you noticed. There’s no denying that. But here’s the other part of that, at what cost are you producing great photos? No, this isn’t all about money either. It’s about workflow and how you can start maintaining...
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  • How to Create a Website Bio That Builds Trust
    How to Create a Website Bio That Builds Trust
    There are many elements of your website that are important in displaying your work, educating visitors, and building trust with future clients. That’s why your website needs to be up to date and looking great at all times. One of the toughest elements of building your site...
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  • 5 Ways to Win Against the Algorithms
    5 Ways to Win Against the Algorithms
    The social media crowd has gone wild lately. While it’s true there are certain algorithms and codes in place so that people cannot take too much advantage of social media. No person has more leverage than other in that regard, but why so much fuss? Truth is,...
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  • 5 Photography Tools You Can Start Using Today
    5 Photography Tools You Can Start Using Today
    There are tons of lists on the internet about the top 20 or top 40 tools that you can use to help make your business grow and expand and it can be overwhelming, to say the least. Instead of giving you a list of a billion tools...
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  • more than passion
    It Takes More Than Passion
    It’s not all about passion. While there is definitely something to be said for being passionate about what you are doing, there’s more. There just has to be more. You grow up hearing the phrase, “follow your passion,” or “pursue your passion,” and while there is merit...
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  • photography business
    Photography for the Long Haul
    Photography, one of the greatest arts and there are a ton of benefits why doing any type of art is good for you. Think about the first time you picked up a camera. Remember that feeling? It’s likely a positive memory because it made you feel as...
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  • Why a Photography Website is a Necessity
    Why a Photography Website is a Necessity
    If you haven’t already heard, a Facebook page is not going to cut it for your photography business. It’s a good start, of course, but once you are bringing in clients and have some experience under your best, it’s time to upgrade. There are a number of...
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