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143: Marketing Moment: Getting Mentored and Standing Out From Your Competition

In this marketing moment episode, pro photographer Corey Reese shares how we can separate ourselves from our competition, and also the benefits of seeking a mentor to help you bring your photography business to the next level.


141: Corey Reese on Manifesting More Clients and Making More Income

In this interview episode, 6-figure pro photographer Corey Reese shares tips to bring in laser-targeted clients with Facebook, changing your thinking from “more work” to “more income”, and manifesting what you want in your photography business.


139: Learn How To Clone Your Best Photography Clients

In today’s interview, wedding consultant Heidi Thompson helps us begin to identify the steps to cloning your best photography clients, and how to take the guess work out of your marketing efforts.


138: Vlogging Tips for Equine Photographers (that we all can use!)

Vlogging Tips for Equine Photographers That We All Can Use!

In this marketing moment episode, equine photographer Shelley Paulson shares how she is vlogging (video blogging) as a content marketing strategy to inform and attract clients. She gives great tips we can all use.


136: How to Run a Sustainable Photography Business with Equine Photographer Shelley Paulson

Photographer Shelley Paulson. Photo by Lindsey Williams

In this interview episode, equine photographer Shelley Paulson discusses great tips on how we can make our photography businesses more sustainable. We cover pricing, in-person sales, marketing, and adjusting to the ever-changing photography industry. Be prepared to take notes!


134: The $20 Facebook Ad Strategy That Generates Qualified Portrait Leads

Welcome to “A Marketing Moment” episode, where I bring you bite-sized marketing tips that you can apply to your business. I asked the previous episode’s guest what they’re doing to market their business this week, and they give their candid reply. Today Andrew Hellmich shares with us the Facebook strategy he uses for generating qualified leads


132: Andrew Hellmich on Marketing Yourself, Finding Clients, and Networking with Vendors

In this interview episode, wedding photographer and business expert Andrew Hellmich shares how we can better market ourselves and find the right clients. He also gives unique, effective techniques for networking with related vendors in order to increase referrals. We also share a few “photographer confessions” in the course of the episode!


131: A “Marketing Moment” Episode: The “Burger King Night” Strategy to Increase Session Bookings

In this bite-sized marketing episode, wedding business strategist Heidi Thompson shares her “Burger King Night” strategy that can bring you additional session bookings AND benefit your local community. It’s super-practical, and genius at the same time!


129: Evolve Your Wedding Business With Heidi Thompson

Wedding photographers, this one’s for you! In this interview episode, I chat with business strategist Heidi Thompson, owner of Evolve Your Wedding Business. Get ready to revolutionize your wedding photography business as we chat about communicating value, pricing, getting more of those “perfect” clients, and more.


125: Angela Popplewell on the Power of Storytelling

In this interview, I chat with Angela Popplewell, founder and Executive Director of 100Cameras. We discuss the power of giving back, standing out, and balancing professionalism with your unique personality.

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