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176: The Elements That Make a Photographer’s Website Great

In this solo episode, we dive deep into what makes a photography website great. Among the things we discuss are layout, portfolio size, your About page, making your contact info available, and more!


Episode 173: A Marketing Moment: Gavin Wade Discusses the Biggest Marketing Mistake Photographers Make

In this marketing moment episode, wedding photographer and CEO Gavin Wade shares the biggest marketing mistake photographers make, and how to know exactly WHO you want to market to.


171: A Marketing Moment with PhotoShelter’s Darina Kopcok: Know WHO You’re Marketing To!

In this marketing moment episode, PhotoShelter user and photographer Darina Kopcok shares valuable insights about the importance of knowing WHO you are marketing to!


Six Pains that All Photographers Deal With

Though there are tons, and truly TONS, of things that photographers deal with and go through, there are some that are more common, prevalent, and frustrating than others. And while the reaction to these issues is even more important than each of the issues individually, how you


167: Marketing Moment with E’Lisa Campbell: Being Vulnerable and Advantages of Having a Newsletter

In this marketing moment episode, photographer E’Lisa Campbell discusses how showing your vulnerable, personal side will help attract clients to you, as well as the importance of having a newsletter to reach your clients.


Photography Referrals: Marketing a Different Way

photography referrals

Photographers are a few of the small business owners that really do need to stick together. In fact, there are so many different niches in this art we call photography that everyone can really help each other out. Many businesses, big and small, have a referral system


164: Marketing Moment with Paul Friedman

In this marketing moment episode, Paul Friedman shares some actionable strategies you can use to market your business this week. In particular, we chat about the importance of connecting with other photographers as an effective way to drive referrals to each other.


The Four P’s of Marketing

four p's of marketing

Marketing, the thing we need the most but might despise the most. It’s tough, complicated, and takes a significant amount of time and energy to do it well. Marketing ensures that your customers get their questions answered and it makes it easy for people to understand most


162: Marketing Moment: How To Recruit Your Marketing Team

In this marketing moment episode, NYC photographer Christian Grattan shares actionable marketing tips we can use, including how the roles of product, pricing, promotion, and placement in our marketing plans. He also chats about how we can essentially recruit a marketing team to refer work to us.


Four Reasons Why Your Headshot is Important Too

reasons why your headshot is important

You spend so much time behind the camera that sometimes easy to forget that others want to see you in photos as well. Gone are the days of using selfies and Facebook profile photos as your headshot. It just doesn’t cut it anymore. As a photographer, you

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