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Exposure or Expression

There are a few ways that you can improve someone’s experience. Being a photographer, it’s easy to hide behind the keyboard and behind the lens, but when we start to understand the after a certain point, photographs are all the same thing. They are just photos, after


Many Streams Make a River

Income, profits, gains, whatever you call them they mean money. Yes, money. The most elusive part of your photography business. No matter how much you seem to charge, you always flirt with that red area. It’s true. Photography businesses are hard to run, but how can you


Planned Pursuits

How often do you question what you are doing during the day? Never? A few times? All the time? How do you make sure that you aren’t wasting time? You start measuring your pursuits. Measuring and planning your pursuits is fancy terminology for making sure that you


Access Granted or Access Denied

It’s easy to show off your work. Post it here, post it there. Social media has made it easier than ever to be seen by large volumes of people every day. Social media channels are a great asset for new photographers who might just be starting their


Am I In The Right Niche?

Many photographers ask themselves this question a lot. There are so many niches to choose from, some more popular than others, that it can be hard to put yourself and your business into a certain box. It’s a concern of all photographers. They are always questioning if


Give And Take

As photographers, we are a creative bunch of people. We love the idea of getting together with other photographers over a long weekend and shooting enough photos to fill a hard drive. Unfortunately, we don’t live in a world of long weekends, rainbows, or unicorns. Photographers are


Welcome To The Jungle

There are plenty of types, niches, and avenues of photography these days. Senior portraits, weddings, family shoots, commercial, and more. Wildlife and nature photography is a growing avenue of photography and is one of the most difficult to undertake. When was the last time a mountain or


“Photography Isn’t A Real Job Anyway”

We have all heard the “advice” from strangers, friends, and family: being a photographer isn’t a real job. It has been the same story told to photographers for years and we should be over that now, but it still seeps into the minds of young photographers each


Jack of All Trades

Photography has changed, there’s no doubt about that. But why? Why have things evolved to quickly and so drastically? Photographers used to be famous by mailing printed images in a big manila envelope to magazine editors and crossing their fingers. Now, it takes 1,000 likes, 1,000 Instagram


No Such Thing as Overdressed or Overeducated

You know the saying, right? Oscar Wilde said, “You can never be overdressed or overeducated.” The same is true for you, you know. I bet if you asked some of the photographers in your circle that some of them didn’t even get their education in photography. Maybe


Wedding Crashers?

Lots of photographers around the world at some time or another have found themselves taking or considering taking wedding photos. Wedding photography is a big choice and a big job. It takes time, planning, timing, practice, and a little luck to shoot an amazing wedding and shoot


Your Photography Business, It’s Alive!

When you first start a business, no matter how big or small, there are some realizations you come to along the way that can be shocking, jarring, or downright exciting. These are all things on your journey to becoming a pro photographer that we have to start


Don’t Be Afraid of the B-Word

“What would you do if you doubled your client base tomorrow?” If your answer is, “I would be happy, but everything would just break.” Then this is for you. Business, the B-Word. Yes, this is the other half of your job title. You have a photography business.


Don’t Die A Digital Death

Taking photos is pretty easy, editing photos takes a little time and energy, and uploading them is easiest of all. As professional photographers, the way we get images to clients has changed nearly as often as we change our lenses in one session. From flash drives to


Hello There. Nice To Meet You.

Chamira_Headshot_1500x1500I'm Chamira Young. I admit it. I'm an art nerd, Photoshop geek, and photographer with an obsession for productivity and creativity. Through online teaching and podcasting...Read More

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