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205: Food Photographer Tyler Darden Discusses Finding Clients, Knowing Your Market, and Relationship Building Advice

In this amazing episode with food and lifestyle photographer and cinematographer photographer Tyler Darden, we discuss how he finds new clients, the importance of knowing your target market, and fantastic advice for those who want to break into food photography. Be ready to take notes!


200: Marketing Moment with Celebrity Photographer and Film Director Jeff Vespa

Welcome to “A Marketing Moment” episode, where I bring you bite-sized marketing tips that you can apply to your business. I asked the previous episode’s guest what they’re doing to market their business this week, and they give their candid reply. Join us in this marketing moment


199: Celebrity Photographer and Film Director Jeff Vespa Discusses Being Proactive and Making Every Gig a Success

Join us in this amazing interview as celebrity photographer and film director Jeff Vespa shares how he’s built his vast portfolio of celebrity images. We discusses the importance of being proactive and making every single gig you take on a success. Be ready to take notes.


193: A Marketing Moment with Photographer Miguel Ribeiro Fernandes

In today’s Marketing Moment episode, Miguel Ribeiro Fernandes discusses using different social media channels to find different types of clients. We also chat about the importance of actual face-to-face interaction. Be ready to take notes!


192: Photographer Miguel Ribeiro Fernandes Shares How He Finds Balance in His Business

Photo credit Pedro Vilela

In this info-packed interview, photographer Miguel Ribeiro Fernandes shares how he finds balance in his business. We also chat about finding clients, and the best ways to interact with your clients. Be ready to take notes!


191: A Marketing Moment with Wedding Photographer Ryan Learoyd

Join us in this marketing moment episode with wedding photographer Ryan Learoyd as he describes what you can do to better market your photography business this week. Be ready to take notes!


190: Wedding Photographer Ryan Learoyd Discusses Finding Your Style and the Right Clients

Photo Copyright Jenny McCord Photography:

In this info-packed interview, award-winning wedding photographer Ryan Learoyd discusses finding your style and the RIGHT clients for your business. He also discusses making the leap from part time to full time. Be ready to take notes!


184: Commercial and Editorial Photography with Mike Roemer

Photo copyright Matt Ludtke

Today we chat with commercial and editorial photographer Mike Roemer. He discusses how he got started, how he overcame business struggles, how he gets new clients, and how PhotoShelter is helping him run his business. Get ready to take notes!


179: James Kegley Discusses Finding the RIGHT Clients and Keeping Them Happy

In this episode, editorial and corporate photographer James Kegley discuss how to find the RIGHT clients and keep them happy. We also chat about relationship-building, and how using PhotoShelter makes his business more effective and efficient.


176: The Elements That Make a Photographer’s Website Great

In this solo episode, we dive deep into what makes a photography website great. Among the things we discuss are layout, portfolio size, your About page, making your contact info available, and more!


171: A Marketing Moment with PhotoShelter’s Darina Kopcok: Know WHO You’re Marketing To!

In this marketing moment episode, PhotoShelter user and photographer Darina Kopcok shares valuable insights about the importance of knowing WHO you are marketing to!


170: Food Photographer Darina Kopcok Discusses Getting More Clients and Her SEO Success With PhotoShelter

In this detailed interview, successful food photographer Darina Kopcok discusses how she gets more clients, the in’s and out’s of food photography, AND how her PhotoShelter website is bringing her a steady stream of clients via its powerful SEO juice.


165: Drew Gurian Discusses Using Photoshelter and Working His Way Up to Shooting Celebrities

In this info-packed interview, celebrity and lifestyle photographer Drew Gurian discusses how helps him run a better business, how he has worked his way up to shooting celebrities, and also the importance of balancing your time.


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