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162: Marketing Moment: How To Recruit Your Marketing Team

In this marketing moment episode, NYC photographer Christian Grattan shares actionable marketing tips we can use, including how the roles of product, pricing, promotion, and placement in our marketing plans. He also chats about how we can essentially recruit a marketing team to refer work to us.


161: Christian Grattan On Running a Six-Figure Photo Business – Part Time!

In this info-packed interview, NYC photographer Christian Grattan shares how he annually makes six figures on about 20 jobs a year. We discuss in detail the sales process, how to reframe it as valuable “guidance” for your clients, and how to institute a savings plan in your business.


160: Marketing Moment with Scott Lawrence on Your Business Image and Credibility

In this marketing moment episode, headshot photographer Scott Lawrence shares some actionable strategies you can use to market your business this week, including how to make your work stand out with your OWN photography magazine as a credibility builder.


159: Scott Lawrence on Building a Photography Business Starting With ZERO Clients

Photo Credit: Peter Hurley

In this info-packed interview episode, professional headshot photographer Scott Lawrence shares how he rebuilt his photography business from ZERO clients. He gives lots of practical advice that we can use for our own businesses!


158: Marketing Moment: Building Relationships With Your Competition

Photographer and freelance expert Vincent Pugliese shares how simply sitting down with your “competition” or related vendor for coffee can be mutually beneficial to both parties…especially when you start referring work to each other!


157: Vincent Pugliese on Building a Successful Business and Finding Freedom

In this info-packed interview episode, photographer and freelance expert Vincent Pugliese shares how we can build a business based on freedom. He also shares how he built and then RE-built his business from the ground up, as well as the process of getting referrals from other photographers, and the concept of giving in order to receive.


156: Take your photos from Ordinary or Extraordinary: Retouching Workflow Tips


In this solo episode, I talk about how you can take your photography to the next level through retouching. You want to get OUT of the land of photo mediocrity. In particular, we discuss mindset, software solutions, and outsourcing.


155 Marketing Moment: The Details That Matter On Your Website

In this short and sweet marketing moment episode, photography business expert Skip Cohen shares practical, actionable tips we can revamp our photography websites in order to attract more clients.


154: Skip Cohen on Running a Better Photography Business

In this info-packed interview episode, photography business expert Skip Cohen draws from his years of experience to share actionable, practical ways you can improve your photography business – from your branding, to the very way you communicate with your clients.


153: Using Small Speaking Engagements to Get More Photography Clients


In this solo episode, I discuss how to use small speaking engagements to organically bring in more photography clients without having to make a hard pitch. Even if public speaking is scary to you, it is absolutely worth it, even if you start small!

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