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156: Take your photos from Ordinary or Extraordinary: Retouching Workflow Tips


In this solo episode, I talk about how you can take your photography to the next level through retouching. You want to get OUT of the land of photo mediocrity. In particular, we discuss mindset, software solutions, and outsourcing.


155 Marketing Moment: The Details That Matter On Your Website

In this short and sweet marketing moment episode, photography business expert Skip Cohen shares practical, actionable tips we can revamp our photography websites in order to attract more clients.


154: Skip Cohen on Running a Better Photography Business

In this info-packed interview episode, photography business expert Skip Cohen draws from his years of experience to share actionable, practical ways you can improve your photography business – from your branding, to the very way you communicate with your clients.


153: Using Small Speaking Engagements to Get More Photography Clients


In this solo episode, I discuss how to use small speaking engagements to organically bring in more photography clients without having to make a hard pitch. Even if public speaking is scary to you, it is absolutely worth it, even if you start small!


152: A Marketing Moment with Beth Teutschmann

Taking Notes

In this short and sweet marketing moment episode, pro photo editor Beth Teutschmann shares some actionable tips we can use for marketing our photography businesses!


151: Beth Teutschmann on Getting Your Life Back With Outsourcing

In this interview episode, professional photo editor Beth Teutschmann shares AMAZING advice on how we can get our lives back as photographers, and how we can switch over to the mindset of being business owners. We chat about the in’s and out’s of effectively outsourcing your photo editing so that you can get hours back in life, every day.


150: Marketing Moment: Decide Who You Are As a Photographer

In this short and sweet marketing moment episode, pro photographer Marc Silber shares some actionable tips we can use for getting our photography work noticed.


149: Marc Silber on Getting Your Photography Work Out There

In this interview episode, pro photographer Marc Silber shares actionable tips and strategies for us to get our photography work more exposure! We chat about going beyond social media, strategies to pitch our work, and setting up an effective web gallery.


148: Marketing Moment: Actionable Ways to Use Video to Revolutionize Your Photography Business

In this marketing moment episode, pro photographer Michael Sasser shares the powerful marketing benefits of having video footage of YOU and your clients on your website. He even shares specific examples and tips on how you can get started with video even if you’ve never done it before.


147: Michael Sasser on Getting More Bookings, More Sales, and Building a Better Brand

In this interview episode, boudoir photographer Michael Sasser discusses how you can get more bookings, more sales, and build a better brand (even if you’re not a boudoir photographer!).

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