Welcome Zenfolio Webinar Attendees! It’s bonus time.

As promised, below are the details of your bonuses. 🙂 Download the first bonus, and then MAKE SURE YOU COME BACK TO THIS PAGE for the second bonus.

Bonus 1

Design Your Website For Success E-Guide

Designing Your Website For Success


Bonus 2 (time sensitive)

Get a $1,900+ Photography Business Bundle for $87. That’s 95% OFF.

The biggest photography event of the year is happening right now! I’d be remiss not to tell you about it. Keep reading for the scoop.


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Every year my friends at 5DayDeal put on what I personally consider to be the biggest, most exciting photography education event of the year. This year they’ve added three more exclusive bundles and their first 5-day event is happening right now! The short version is, you get $1,900 in photography business and marketing resources for $87 – that’s a savings of 95%.

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This year they’ve got products from top industry voices like David duChemin, Trey Ratcliff, Serge Ramelli, Joel Grimes, Rachel Brenke (The Lawtog), PLUS Salesographer, Joy of Marketing and a ton more!

Here’s just a few of the products included in the deal:

Autofocus Marketing Calendar (Joy of Marketing) $229
In-Person Sales Bundle (Salesographer) $130
Lawtog Email + Website Templates (Rachel Brenke) $59
Photography Business Masterclass (Serge Ramelli) $90
Click Click Tick Tock (Dan Carr) $59
Thriving In The Market Place (Joel Grimes) $49
Business Action Planner Toolkit for Photographers (Corwin Hiebert) $50
Photography SEO and Web Marketing (Christopher Lin) $69
Email Marketing For Professional Photographers (Dave Seeram) $89
Blogging Brilliantly – 30 Days to a Better Blog (Christine Tremoulet) $97
The Complete Wedding Toolkit (Jeff & Erin Youngren) $199

In fact, they’ve included over 27 products from more than 22 contributors! When you buy The Complete Photography Business Bundle at 5DayDeal.com, you get dozens of super high-quality business-building products.

Over $1,900 worth of products to be exact. Now you see why I consider it to be the most exciting photography business event of the year.
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