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What is the Pro Photographer Journey Podcast?

At its core, we are a resource to help photographers run their professional businesses more successfully.

The podcast offers info-packed interviews and actionable lessons from successful photographers in the industry. We have a growing number of interviews up on the PPJ podcast with photographers who have worked at photo shoots with Oprah Winfrey to being stationed on the Red Carpet.  It’s too much fun! It’s been a blast speaking with professionals in the industry.

Through our podcast, we seek to close that gap between creativity and business that so many photographers struggle with on a daily business. Many get discouraged and give up, which is what we’re trying to prevent. We pick up where formal college education leaves off by offering real-world, practical advice directly from more experienced photographers who have rolled up their sleeves and been in the trenches for years.

About the Host: Chamira Young, Photographer and Podcaster

I’m a photographer, instructor, and podcaster with an obsession for productivity and creativity. Through online teaching and podcasting, I also love helping other individuals and small businesses become more successful by empowering them with the tools and knowledge to up their game.

When I’m not shooting, you can find me working with and


What Our Listers Are Saying (see all on iTunes HERE)

Luci Dumas, Chamira is the best”

Chatting with Chamira was a joy. I felt like she really connected with what I wanted to share and had deep questions that caused me to think. Every episode is a delight to listen to.

Skben2,  “My go to Podcast”

I luv her ease with her knowledgeable guests.

thrivetech,  “Informative! Professional! Inspiring!”

Listening to one’s fellow photography community members via Chamira’s informed, professional and inspiring questions always leaves my creative and business juices supremely re-charged. You’ll be thankful you subscribed! And if you are looking for great in person networking connect with your local ASMP chapter. Best Wishes! – Amy Tierney

Feyd Rautha Harkonnen, A rare insight. Useful and impactful.”

These interviews are great! They give you a rare insight into professional photographers and their experiences methods and wisdom. Thanks for providing such a great resource!

Patricia Davies Boyce,  – “Chamira is lovely”

Nice to hear the voice of a female photographer in the podcast world. And a soothing voice it is! Content is excellent & I really enjoy the overall vibe.

ETXTacticalNSurvival,  – “Extremely helpful information for clueless people like me”

I have read so many articles and listened to so many Podcast on the business side of photography but always was left still clueless and less confidence but with this podcast series I leave every podcast and interview more knowledgeable and with a lot more confidence that me following my dreams to run a photography business was not a mistake. I love the interviews with top members in the field and how there’s a personal touch unlike others that just seem like a self promotion production for the speaker.

Brooke Craven,  – “Awesome Podcast!!”

Chamira, host of the Pro Photographer Journey Podcast, highlights all aspects of photography, art and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!

The Denhardt,  – “Brilliant”

Great speakers. Amazing perspectives. Can’t stop listening to all the backgrounds, experiences and advice. Thank You!

Block109,  – “Great photography business podcast”

It’s really great to hear all these photographers talking about the business side of photography. Chamira does a great job getting them to talk deeply about their businesses and she has a great voice for podcasting very easy to listen to.

lightseeker888,  – “Great podcast!”

This is refreshing. Interviewer asks great questions. Very informative interviews. Nice to have a younger female photographer hosting a well put together podcast.

Uzi_does_it,  – “Excellent, Informative, Educational”

This photography business podcast is an excellent, well produced, and highly informative resource for people who are in the photographic industry or those who wish to break into the industry.

Core Stats

  • 201 episodes as of May 2019
  • Average new episodes published per week: 1
  • Total Downloads: 108,104
  • Total Unique Downloads (the number of unique IP addresses that downloaded or played an episode): 81,962
  • Average downloads per episode: 1,034

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