• Take Action Series
    216: Take Action! Boost your photo business AND your local economy
    Even with the global crisis, there are still things you can do to help your photography business. In this episode, I discuss a super fun, actionable way you can boost your photo business AND your local economy. Get ready for a fun project!...
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  • Our New Podcast Cover with the Westcott Ice Light 2!
    Our New Podcast Cover with the Westcott Ice Light 2!
    Note: I  previously published the following post at, with the exception of the final step showing the Pro Photographer Journey Podcast logo. I wanted to republish it here so that you could have a behind the scenes peek at the making of our cool new podcast...
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  • Five Places You Can Find Inspiration for Your Photography Business
    Five Places You Can Find Inspiration for Your Photography Business
    Photographers are easily some of the most creative people you know, but they are also some of the people who are most likely to need some inspiration every now and then. Just like every other artist, photographers in any niche will often find themselves lacking or in...
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  • Six Pains that All Photographers Deal With
    Six Pains that All Photographers Deal With
    Though there are tons, and truly TONS, of things that photographers deal with and go through, there are some that are more common, prevalent, and frustrating than others. And while the reaction to these issues is even more important than each of the issues individually, how you...
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  • Being Vulnerable in Your Photography Business
    Being Vulnerable in Your Photography Business
    Vulnerability, the word that gets a bad reputation but is essential for anyone who wants to start their own business. Being vulnerable is just like taking risks, and with no risk, there is no reward. When it comes to photography, there are certain risks that you have...
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  • photography greatness
    4 Ways to find Greatness in Your Photography
    Running your own business clearly has its ups and downs. With all the stress and everyday busyness that can get you bogged down, it can be easy to forget how great you are at what you do. Reclaim Your Own Greatness You, like many other photographers, might...
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  • clients get comfortable
    Four Ways to Help Your Photoshoot Clients Get Comfortable
    It’s no surprise to you that most people don’t like being on camera. There are rare occasions when you work with someone who truly loves being on camera and having their pictures taken. If you do have a client like this, be sure to revel in the...
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  • the importance of meaningful business conversations
    The Importance of Meaningful Business Conversations
    It’s true that when you envision something and you talk about that thing, the more likely it will be to come true. Tons of professionals use this method, so why aren’t you? No, this isn’t just about a visualization technique, but it’s more about learning and utilizing...
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  • photography referrals
    Photography Referrals: Marketing a Different Way
    Photographers are a few of the small business owners that really do need to stick together. In fact, there are so many different niches in this art we call photography that everyone can really help each other out. Many businesses, big and small, have a referral system...
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  • four p's of marketing
    The Four P’s of Marketing
    Marketing, the thing we need the most but might despise the most. It’s tough, complicated, and takes a significant amount of time and energy to do it well. Marketing ensures that your customers get their questions answered and it makes it easy for people to understand most...
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  • photography and money
    Photography: More Valuable Than Money
    Photographers are not magicians, but they are very important people in our society for a number of reasons. And for reasons that might not be completely obvious at first. Photographers are basically the timekeepers in our society. They invest their education, time, and energy into capturing some...
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  • reasons why your headshot is important
    Four Reasons Why Your Headshot is Important Too
    You spend so much time behind the camera that sometimes easy to forget that others want to see you in photos as well. Gone are the days of using selfies and Facebook profile photos as your headshot. It just doesn’t cut it anymore. As a photographer, you...
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  • be the best
    You Don’t Need to Buy the Best to be the Best
    Let’s face it, nearly every photographer has been guilty of this at one point or another and you are probably no exception. We get roped into buy-ins, referrals, and all of the latest and greatest when it comes to our photography business, but by the end of...
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  • four things to reflect on for the new year
    Four Things to Reflect on for the New Year
    As a new year greets us, there are likely many things you’ve been thinking of improving and goals you’re shooting for over the next year. And while this is the perfect time for making adjustments and improvements, you should also be taking time to reflect. To stop,...
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  • business cards are not dead
    Business Cards Aren’t Dead
    As technology has changed and advanced, there are some aspects of businesses that have changed things forever and have made permanent differences in the way we run businesses. There are also things in the realm of business that come and go in trends, just like clothing and...
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  • comparison game
    Avoiding the Comparison Game on Social Media
    In the age of social media, one of the biggest issues with photographers of all niches is the sharp edge of comparison. Since it’s so easy to share your work, it is also very easy for everyone else too. As a result, many photographers fall into the...
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  • speaking in your photography business
    How Talking Can Help Your Photography Business
    As photographers, hiding behind the lens is usually our best place. This is when we do our best work, of course, but much of our outreach work needs to be online or in person, but in both realms, we are using our words and voices.  To get...
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  • how to take a break
    Tips for the Workaholic: How to Take A Break
    Running a photography business is so tough. It really is! That does not mean that you can neglect your personal life and health. You probably know someone who has let their business become their life and when that happens your life, and your business can start falling...
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  • 4 Signs That You Might Have "Made It"
    4 Signs That You Might Have “Made It”
    Though some of you are there and some of you are not there, the goal is usually the same for everyone. You all want to make it. And while that means different things to different people, there are some clear defining factors that will start to signify...
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  • not your average editing tips for a better workflow
    Not Your Average Editing Tips for a Better Workflow
    Let’s face it, your photos are what’s going to get you noticed. There’s no denying that. But here’s the other part of that, at what cost are you producing great photos? No, this isn’t all about money either. It’s about workflow and how you can start maintaining...
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  • How to Create a Website Bio That Builds Trust
    How to Create a Website Bio That Builds Trust
    There are many elements of your website that are important in displaying your work, educating visitors, and building trust with future clients. That’s why your website needs to be up to date and looking great at all times. One of the toughest elements of building your site...
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  • 5 Ways to Win Against the Algorithms
    5 Ways to Win Against the Algorithms
    The social media crowd has gone wild lately. While it’s true there are certain algorithms and codes in place so that people cannot take too much advantage of social media. No person has more leverage than other in that regard, but why so much fuss? Truth is,...
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  • 5 Photography Tools You Can Start Using Today
    5 Photography Tools You Can Start Using Today
    There are tons of lists on the internet about the top 20 or top 40 tools that you can use to help make your business grow and expand and it can be overwhelming, to say the least. Instead of giving you a list of a billion tools...
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  • more than passion
    It Takes More Than Passion
    It’s not all about passion. While there is definitely something to be said for being passionate about what you are doing, there’s more. There just has to be more. You grow up hearing the phrase, “follow your passion,” or “pursue your passion,” and while there is merit...
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  • photography business
    Photography for the Long Haul
    Photography, one of the greatest arts and there are a ton of benefits why doing any type of art is good for you. Think about the first time you picked up a camera. Remember that feeling? It’s likely a positive memory because it made you feel as...
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  • Why a Photography Website is a Necessity
    Why a Photography Website is a Necessity
    If you haven’t already heard, a Facebook page is not going to cut it for your photography business. It’s a good start, of course, but once you are bringing in clients and have some experience under your best, it’s time to upgrade. There are a number of...
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  • Process of Being Pro
    Process of Being Pro
    What’s the best way to get your work out there into the public? Well, there is no secret tip or hack to doing that. In fact, it’s almost grossly simple how you get your photography work out to the public. Are you ready for the secret? Get...
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  • video in photography
    The Secret Move Most Photographers Are Ignoring? Video!
    Lights, camera, action! Photographers are well known for what they do best; photograph. But what if we could do more to get noticed? Turns out, they can. Ever considered putting video on your website? Now, you might be thinking, “Why would I put a video on my website...
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  • Do Your Photography Business Your Way
    Do Your Photography Business Your Way
    Photographers are pros as taking the alternate route in almost every situation. They find themselves shooting in crazy locations, take the long way home to snag the sunset at the right time, convincing close friends to pose for you and so on. You are a great example...
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  • ten before ten strategy
    How To Make “Ten Before Ten” Work For Your Business
    There are plenty of strategies and tools to use when starting your photography business. There will be free tools and paid tools that you can use to improve certain aspects of your business. However, it can be a little tiring to fight through the internet, the podcasts,...
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  • 4 Reasons You Need A Photography Mentor
    4 Reasons You Need A Photography Mentor
    One of the most valuable things you can do when you start your business? No, it’s not new gear. It’s not a brilliant website either. No, it’s not even a social media strategy that you need. You need a mentor. Finding a photography mentor is going to...
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  • Your Mindset Matters
    Your Mindset Matters
    Being a photographer is about talent. You must have the talent, patience, and ability to make images great. This takes practice, research, education, composition, and technological skills to accomplish. But that’s not enough. You have to have the right mindset. The right mindset starts by making sure...
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  • Buddy Branding
    Buddy Branding
    An online presence is an essential tool for your photography business, without a doubt, and these tools are simple and easy to use. They take some time and effort and maybe a bit of money if you want to boost your social media in some way. For...
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  • Clients Always Come First
    Clients Always Come First
    Photography is important almost solely because your job is to preserve memories. Clients and customers come to us and trust us to capture a moment, an hour, or an entire day with an event that they want to remember forever. This is the number one reason why...
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  • Aiming at the Right Targets
    Aiming at the Right Targets
    When you first start your photography business, it can be a little hard to nail down just one niche. Honestly, any person who needs any sort of photography is your ideal client when you’re new! However, as you start to grown and gain a strong portfolio, there...
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  • Mastering Your Business
    Mastering All Aspects of Your Business
    Hopefully, you haven’t experienced this, but some of you may have. It’s the same trouble that lots of photographers find themselves in after their business starts to take off. Photographers are easily one of the hardest working groups of people out there, but they aren’t always good...
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  • Top Tips to Up Your Website Game
    Top Tips to Up Your Website Game
    Having a website just isn’t enough anymore, although that can really set you apart from your competition, you need to step up your game even further. There are a few key elements that your website must do in order to attract the ideal customers you are looking...
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  • Technology is Power
    Technology is Power
    Technology is your friend, although it might not seem like it all the time. It can be overwhelming and exhausting to think about because it seems like those who are best at using technology are already so far ahead. It can all be intimidating, it’s true, but...
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  • Staying Fresh while Staying True
    Staying Fresh while Staying True
    Many of you are beginning photographers, but soon you will be well into your business. The years fly by when you start a business because you are engaged and start to miss the passing of time. This is mostly likely to happen when you live and breathe...
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  • Why You Should Keep Your Skills Sharp
    Why You Should Keep Your Skills Sharp
    Being well-rounded is a part of being a good student, leader, and business owner. This applies to all photographers too, no matter what you think your niche might be. Being able to empathize and at the very least, understand what other niches and styles other photographers are...
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  • 4 Tips the Pros Wish They Knew Sooner
    4 Tips the Pros Wish They Knew Sooner
    Over the course of time, there have been plenty of tips for you to read, try, and act upon and there will be many more in the future. As photographers, it should always be a goal to continue to learn and make changes to your own business...
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  • No One Should Work For Free
    No One Should Work For Free
    You’ve heard this one hundred times already, but still, right now, in this moment, there is a young or upcoming photographer working for free. It’s so hard to build your portfolio but there are some seriously problematic reasons why working for free in the beginning will hurt...
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  • Succeed in Your Planning by Planning to Succeed
    Succeed in Your Planning by Planning to Succeed
    There are so many things to remember as a photographer that sometimes the simplest planning and organizational factors slip by our minds. Here’s one thing you may not have thought about, the preparation for a photo shoot is more important than the shoot itself. There are a...
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  • Keeping Your Creativity Alive
    Keeping Your Creativity Alive
    Photography, like nearly all creatives fields, takes time and instinct to cultivate to get to the place where we feel successful. But what happens when we start to lose ourselves? You can probably think of a friend, fellow creative, or maybe even yourself, who has lost their...
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  • Four Basic Needs for Your Photography Business
    Four Basic Needs for Your Photography Business
    There are certain things that all photographers need and there’s also a clear list of things that photographers do not need. Many photographers start to blur the lines of these two lists because they think they need something more than what they have or they get caught...
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  • Outsourcing: Getting You Back to Photography
    Outsourcing: Getting You Back to Photography
    Photographers rival the top of the list of the busiest people and anyone who argues that fact is foolish and ignorant. In all reality, any entrepreneur is set up to be in for a very busy ride. Running your own business is really hard. There are so...
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  • The Price is Right
    The Price is Right
    Many experts in the field of photography will either admit to making this mistake or remember a close friend or acquaintance who made this mistake: mispricing your business. Artists of all sorts are asked to work for free or for very little all the time but instead...
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  • Reeling in the Ideal Clients
    Reeling in the Ideal Clients
    Think about how many people are in your town or city. Think about having a conversation with each of them. Even if you live in a town with few hundred people, imagining having a conversation with every single one of those people is still something that might...
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  • Don't Wonder About Your Worth
    Don’t Wonder About Your Worth
    Talking about money in any situation is tough. Talking about paying bills or spending money on large purchases will always be hard. The same is true for you, isn’t it? Talking about your own services, your art that you do for a living is really tough. It’s...
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  • 135: Your Strategic Portrait Party Questions Answered
    135: Your Strategic Portrait Party Questions Answered
    In this solo episode, I answer the most common questions I've been getting from podcast "Episode 128: The Definitive Guide to Throwing a Strategic Portrait Party". A strategic party can bring you income, clients, and credibility in your local community!...
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  • We're All in this Together
    We’re All in this Together
    You don’t have to do it alone. We’ve said that time and time again but we never want you to underestimate the power of a relationship. One method of marketing that most photographers don’t think about is reaching out to others that are not in your business....
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  • Perfect Your Portfolio
    Perfect Your Portfolio
    Taking great images is good, but showing them off is even better. Making your portfolio pop is basically the equivalent to sharpening your resume. You have to do it when you get new work and you have to do it in order to score the best jobs....
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  • Activate Your Accountability
    Activate Your Accountability
    They say the business life, especially in the beginning stages, can be lonely and dark. Though there is some truth to that, it doesn’t have to be that way. Contrary to popular beliefs and attempts, you can’t and shouldn’t do everyone on your own. Yes, we realize...
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  • Portrait Parties: The Power and the Purpose
    Portrait Parties: The Power and the Purpose
    Portrait parties are not dead. They might seem awkward, and probably will be without good planning, but there are numerous reasons why you should consider a portrait party as a way to stimulate growth in your company. There are many factors that would lead you to consider...
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  • Attitude and Gratitude: Building Confidence and Humility
    Attitude and Gratitude: Building Confidence and Humility
    As a business owner, many of us can attest to the feelings of elation as well as pure and utter fear. Business owners of any area or niche know the feeling and the range of emotions we go through on a yearly, weekly, or daily basis. However,...
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  • 128: The Definitive Guide To Throwing A Strategic Portrait Party
    128: The Definitive Guide To Throwing A Strategic Portrait Party
    Kickstart your photography business with a STRATEGIC portrait party! In this in-depth solo episode, I discuss how to throw a strategic portrait party that will seriously help you stand out from other photographers in your area. I did it for my business, and it can work for yours too....
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  • Curbing the Chill of Cold Calling
    Curbing the Chill of Cold Calling
    Cold calling as a marketing strategy is not dead and although it seems a bit “old-fashioned” many photographers still use this method to connect with people. There’s something very direct about a phone call. A voice on the other line instead of a line of text in...
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  • Excuses Make Expenses
    Excuses Make Expenses
    Photography is a lucrative niche and money starts slowly in the beginning. There are ways that you can control what you are spending and how much money you are making and making sure that you actually get to see some of that money at the end of...
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  • The Core of Your Business
    The Core of Your Business
    While there are many benefits to being good at all aspects of your business, it’s almost impossible to control everything and be successful. Sometimes, we feel like we need to do it all, all the time; especially when we are in the beginning stages of our business....
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  • Exposure or Expression
    Exposure or Expression
    There are a few ways that you can improve someone’s experience. Being a photographer, it’s easy to hide behind the keyboard and behind the lens, but when we start to understand the after a certain point, photographs are all the same thing. They are just photos, after...
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  • Many Streams Make a River
    Many Streams Make a River
    Income, profits, gains, whatever you call them they mean money. Yes, money. The most elusive part of your photography business. No matter how much you seem to charge, you always flirt with that red area. It’s true. Photography businesses are hard to run, but how can you...
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  • Planned Pursuits
    Planned Pursuits
    How often do you question what you are doing during the day? Never? A few times? All the time? How do you make sure that you aren’t wasting time? You start measuring your pursuits. Measuring and planning your pursuits is fancy terminology for making sure that you...
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  • Access Granted or Access Denied
    Access Granted or Access Denied
    It’s easy to show off your work. Post it here, post it there. Social media has made it easier than ever to be seen by large volumes of people every day. Social media channels are a great asset for new photographers who might just be starting their...
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  • Am I In The Right Niche?
    Am I In The Right Niche?
    Many photographers ask themselves this question a lot. There are so many niches to choose from, some more popular than others, that it can be hard to put yourself and your business into a certain box. It’s a concern of all photographers. They are always questioning if...
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  • Give And Take
    Give And Take
    As photographers, we are a creative bunch of people. We love the idea of getting together with other photographers over a long weekend and shooting enough photos to fill a hard drive. Unfortunately, we don’t live in a world of long weekends, rainbows, or unicorns. Photographers are...
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  • Big, Bad Social Media
    Big, Bad Social Media
    Most photographers will scoff at those people who post images and hashtag “pro photographer”. It’s no surprise to you that people are exposed to thousands of images a day through TV, magazines, and advertisements but social media also plays a big role in the life of a...
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  • Welcome To The Jungle
    Welcome To The Jungle
    There are plenty of types, niches, and avenues of photography these days. Senior portraits, weddings, family shoots, commercial, and more. Wildlife and nature photography is a growing avenue of photography and is one of the most difficult to undertake. When was the last time a mountain or...
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  • "Photography Isn’t A Real Job Anyway”
    “Photography Isn’t A Real Job Anyway”
    We have all heard the “advice” from strangers, friends, and family: being a photographer isn’t a real job. It has been the same story told to photographers for years and we should be over that now, but it still seeps into the minds of young photographers each...
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  • Jack of All Trades
    Jack of All Trades
    Photography has changed, there’s no doubt about that. But why? Why have things evolved to quickly and so drastically? Photographers used to be famous by mailing printed images in a big manila envelope to magazine editors and crossing their fingers. Now, it takes 1,000 likes, 1,000 Instagram...
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  • No Such Thing as Overdressed or Overeducated
    No Such Thing as Overdressed or Overeducated
    You know the saying, right? Oscar Wilde said, “You can never be overdressed or overeducated.” The same is true for you, you know. I bet if you asked some of the photographers in your circle that some of them didn’t even get their education in photography. Maybe...
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  • Wedding Crashers?
    Wedding Crashers?
    Lots of photographers around the world at some time or another have found themselves taking or considering taking wedding photos. Wedding photography is a big choice and a big job. It takes time, planning, timing, practice, and a little luck to shoot an amazing wedding and shoot...
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  • Your Photography Business, It's Alive!
    Your Photography Business, It’s Alive!
    When you first start a business, no matter how big or small, there are some realizations you come to along the way that can be shocking, jarring, or downright exciting. These are all things on your journey to becoming a pro photographer that we have to start...
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  • Don’t Be Afraid of the B-Word
    Don’t Be Afraid of the B-Word
    “What would you do if you doubled your client base tomorrow?” If your answer is, “I would be happy, but everything would just break.” Then this is for you. Business, the B-Word. Yes, this is the other half of your job title. You have a photography business....
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  • Don't Die A Digital Death
    Don’t Die A Digital Death
    Taking photos is pretty easy, editing photos takes a little time and energy, and uploading them is easiest of all. As professional photographers, the way we get images to clients has changed nearly as often as we change our lenses in one session. From flash drives to...
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