153: Using Small Speaking Engagements to Get More Photography Clients


In this solo episode, I discuss how to use small speaking engagements to organically bring in more photography clients without having to make a hard pitch. Even if public speaking is scary to you, it is absolutely worth it, even if you start small!

Here are the main points I discuss:

  • Gets you out of your comfort zone. Start small.
  • IMPORTANT: Speak to your target audience
  • Meetings and Events, and Conferences NOT aimed at photographers
  • Examples: Chamber of Commerce, Toastmasters, Meetup.com groups and networking groups in your area
  • Examples: If you shoot doctors, seek out a doc’s association. If you shoot home interiors, seek out an interior designers association. If you shoot weddings, seek out wedding shows. You could even partner with a wedding planner and throw your own free event giving advice to brides. See a theme, here? You’re portraying yourself as the helpful expert, which you should be.
  • Offer advice that is TRULY helpful them. Do NOT make it sound like a boring infomercial about your photography services.
  • DO include a handout that people can take away with them that has your photography studio information on it.
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  1. GREAT episode, Chamira! I am catching up with you today. I always enjoy your broadcast!!!