Access Granted or Access Denied

It’s easy to show off your work. Post it here, post it there. Social media has made it easier than ever to be seen by large volumes of people every day.

Social media channels are a great asset for new photographers who might just be starting their business. It gives great exposure, and with a few well-placed hashtags, you can get your photos to cross a few influential touchscreens.

One of the most complicated factors that new photographers face is finding out how to be seen. How do you get noticed?

Here is one critical way how you can grab attention. We aren’t telling you this is the easiest way, but one, surefire way, to get noticed.

Here’s how.

Find A Way To Get Access.

To be seen is to reach out to others. No, that’s not some backward Shakespeare quote either. It’s the premise of finding a way to put yourself in places that others have not been so you can show others things that have never been seen before.

How do you get to the top of that mountain?

How can you get yourself into the bunk next to the band members on the tour bus?

How do you get your camera inside the huddle at the big game?

Get Access

In today’s society, reaching out has never been easier but where does one start? What direction should you be looking in? What are you going to find? If you want to create images that have never been seen before you have to go where few before you have gone.

That mountain landscape shot wasn’t taken by someone who walked a mile up the trail. They walked a lot and for a long time and maybe even slept up there to get that perfect shot. That’s gaining access.

The setup in an old, weathered hospital, who’s door have been locked for years, creates haunting images that will take your breath away. That candid shot of your favorite pop singer wasn’t just luck. Someone gained access to the tour bus and shot that singer in their relaxed state. A view that no normal person would have. A shot that photographers would love to have.

Reaching out and taking some risks to get access to things no ordinary or everyday photographer would see is one of the best ways to separate yourself. This access will get your work noticed so much more than taking the same or similar photos as hundreds of other photographers.

Seek and Find

No one said this was the easiest way, but it’s a way that is a path less traveled. Gaining access is very difficult, no doubt about it, but that access is such a magical opportunity that is sure to catch attention.

When you take the time to seek out resources and get yourself into situations that everyday photographers can’t find, you have a much higher probability of success. Photography is not a game where great photos hide and you must seek. It’s a game where you must always be seeking in order to find the hidden places where great photography happens.