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209: Making Sense of Dollars and Cents with CPA Andrew Jordan

Join us in this fantastic episode with CPA Andrew Jordan. He’s one of those number nerds who has the ability to translate numbers into creative terms so that everyone is speaking the same language. Listen into this fascinating episode as he discusses how to put your photography business into a better financial situation, which in turn leads to more freedom!


205: Food Photographer Tyler Darden Discusses Finding Clients, Knowing Your Market, and Relationship Building Advice

In this amazing episode with food and lifestyle photographer and cinematographer photographer Tyler Darden, we discuss how he finds new clients, the importance of knowing your target market, and fantastic advice for those who want to break into food photography. Be ready to take notes!


202: A Marketing Moment with Photography Coach Luci Dumas: Selling Prints and Building a Legacy


In this short and sweet Marketing Moment episode, photography coach Luci Dumas shares an actionable tip you can take this week to further your photography business. In particular, she discusses the importance of selling prints and building a legacy. Be ready to take notes and take ACTION!


200: Marketing Moment with Celebrity Photographer and Film Director Jeff Vespa

Welcome to “A Marketing Moment” episode, where I bring you bite-sized marketing tips that you can apply to your business. I asked the previous episode’s guest what they’re doing to market their business this week, and they give their candid reply. Join us in this marketing moment


199: Celebrity Photographer and Film Director Jeff Vespa Discusses Being Proactive and Making Every Gig a Success

Join us in this amazing interview as celebrity photographer and film director Jeff Vespa shares how he’s built his vast portfolio of celebrity images. We discusses the importance of being proactive and making every single gig you take on a success. Be ready to take notes.


183: Special Episode on Portrait PRICING with Bernie Griffiths: Three Different Pricing Structures and How To Determine Which Is Best For You

In this special episode, we dive deep into the topic of portrait PRICING and how to choose the best pricing structure that works best for your photography business. Be sure to download your FREE Pricing PDF Guide, no email required.


181: Jen Rozenbaum Discusses Being Vulnerable, Living Your Biggest Life Possible, and Connecting With Your Clients

In this inspiring episode, boudoir photographer Jen Rozenbaum discusses how being vulnerable in life and business has allowed her to empower her clients AND other business owners. We also chat about empathy, confidence, and marketing tips to bring your photography business to the next level! Get ready to be blown away.


Episode 172: Gavin Wade on the Importance of Mindset and Making Your Clients Happier Than Ever

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Gavin Wade is a husband, father, and professional wedding photographer. Living in Southern California, both he and his wife Erin started their journey as photographers over 9 years ago. From celebrity clients to reality TV shows, they have photographed upwards of 500 weddings so far in their career. Through a need in their own business, Gavin founded and launched CloudSpot which is a game-changing gallery service and image delivery platform exclusively for pro photographers!


144: David Scott of Photography Spark Shares How to Market Your Photography Business Online AND Offline

In this interview episode, David Scott from Photography Spark shares actionable offline AND online marketing tips to bring you more clients in a way that does not increase your workload. It’s all about getting folks to naturally do the marketing for you with partner marketing, referral marketing, and good solid SEO on your website.