Photography for the Long Haul

photography business

Photography, one of the greatest arts and there are a ton of benefits why doing any type of art is good for you. Think about the first time you picked up a camera. Remember that feeling?

It’s likely a positive memory because it made you feel as if you never wanted to put it down. Those first shots, those first compliments, and even those first few paying clients are going to be milestones in your photography business that you will never forget. There are some factors in the building of your business that should not only never be forgotten but should be called upon frequently to aid you in continuing your business toward success.

Master Your Gear

No matter how long you have been photographing and no matter the niche, technology is always going to be moving forward and advancing. Without these new technologies, photography could not grow in the same way that it has in the past 5 to 10 years.

One of the keys that will allow you to maintain a strong photography business is to always keep learning and testing new gear. While there is something to be said for finding gear that works very well for you, it’s also great practice to rent new gear, test new lenses to challenge yourself, and to create something even better.

Take Advice

In the age of smartphones, Ipads, and more people who think their iPhone constitutes as a real camera, it can be challenging to maintain an air of professionalism. Don’t give in.

Your skills and expertise are what separates you from the mediocre and with that, you should always find ways to learn more. People who take pictures with no business behind them have no reason to learn. What will continue to move you away from those who are hobbyists is going to the advice given to you by the mentors and professionals and then the actions you take after that advice to make your business grow.

Stay Humble

In the same way as taking advice, you must also take heed of yourself. Stay humble during months, or even years, that you find success and continue to learn and practice.

Likely, down the line, when your time comes to hand your business off to a younger and growing photographer, your humble nature will allow you a great platform to teach from. Staying humble will keep you grounded in reality, will remove emotional issues away from your business, and allow you to grow both in your photography and in your customer service. And by remaining humble as often as possible, even starting now, what you will have learned will be the highlight of a new photographer’s careers when you pay it forward.

Photographers, like all artists, are not perfect, but you can strive to be as close as possible. Photography is highly collaborative and a great learning environment but much of this depends on how you, the business owner, react and hold yourself.

In order to stay relevant, stay focused, and stay passionate about this profession you have chosen, you must continue to learn and master the gear you are working with, take advice and give it when necessary, and stay humble in your creations. By doing these things, your mindset as an artist can thrive and you will find success in many facets of your business.