123: Recap Episode: 4 Beginning Steps to Client Relationship Building


In this solo recap episode, I discuss the most important points and takeaways from my recent chat with wedding photographer Dan Waters.

Here’s a recap of what I rant about in this episode:

Today I want to talk about relationship building with our clients, and how it’s a series of small steps over time.

  1. Your clients goes to your website and gets to know your work.
  2. They reach out to you via email, or your phone. Or the contact form.
  3. They reach out to you via phone or email. Your goal should be to get them on the phone to discuss ball-park figure pricing (“pricing starts at X”, or “you can expect to spend between X and Y”). On the phone, build repoire. Ask them questions. Show them you care (that’s what people need, even though they think they want to know price).
  4. Meet with them in person, and go into detail. Inspire and excite them.