142: Recap Episode: The Most Common Limiting Beliefs and Mindset Challenges that Photographers Face

Recap Episode:

In this solo recap episode, I want to really focus on the limiting beliefs and mindset challenges that photographers commonly face.

Limiting Belief 1: I don’t deserve success.

The Truth: You absolutely deserve success. Success is not just for other people. It’s for you too.

But you don’t reach success by just wishing and daydreaming. Create goals for yourself to help you reach where you want to be.

Limiting Belief 2: I have to price my photography services as cheap as possible in order to stay competitive.

The Truth: Pricing your photography as cheap as possible is fast race to the bottom. Being known as the cheap photography will cause your business to painfully crash and burn. Your goal should be to be known for bringing the highest value as a photographer, as opposed to how cheap you are.

Instead of trying to undercut your competition, sit down and determine how much income you need to bring in a month to support yourself (include your bills, business overhead, studio rent, equipment, etc). Use this as a guide to determine how many shoots a month you need to complete, and at what price.

Limiting Belief 3: I’m not as good as other photographers I see.

The Truth: You can be (and may already be) as good as the photographers out there. It’s so darn hard to look at your own work objectively. And if you do feel that you need to improve your photography skills (which is normal, and a constant process), then seek educational workshops, and also constantly practice your craft.

Be careful of the comparison game. It’s not your job to appeal to everybody. Your job is to appeal to your ideal client…as in, that person that is a perfect fit for your business. More on that below.

Limiting Belief 4: Professional photography is a dying industry. Why should I bother with my business?

The Truth: Although there are many, many photographers out there, you can still make your photography business stand out be knowing who your ideal client is, how you can serve them the best, and seeking to continuously improve the workflow of your business. There are many amateur photographers out there, but not many of them know how to run a sustainable, profitable photography business.

Limiting Belief 5: It’s too hard to please everybody and appeal to every single person out there.

The Truth: You shouldn’t be trying to appeal to everybody anyway. Not everyone is your client. Instead, focus on the specific type of client that you enjoy working with. As mentioned above, this is your ideal client, also known as your “avatar.” They are the ones you should be focusing on.