5 Ways to Win Against the Algorithms

The social media crowd has gone wild lately. While it’s true there are certain algorithms and codes in place so that people cannot take too much advantage of social media. No person has more leverage than other in that regard, but why so much fuss?

Truth is, social media is crucial. It’s often the simplest and most direct connection you have to your audience in which you can totally and genuinely interact with them so here are a few ways to master social media without crying about the algorithms any more.

1. Manage it Yourself

There are tons of tools and people who are out to do this for you and while that can be helpful in some instances, you need to make sure you, the brains of the business, are still available. In fact, be more than available. Manage it yourself- even if it’s just for a week or so, then hand it off for a little while. But make sure that you always come back and take some time to be there.

No one, almost no one, knows your business like you. Not a scheduling app, not an assistant, and not even a social media manager. You know what your audience needs to hear and they need to hear it from you.

2. Don’t Do Too Much

Another way to get ahead is to back off. Yes, it’s true. When we get too tied up in managing seven social media platforms we can lose focus on the ones that need our attention. You cannot manage Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Google Plus, Tumblr, well if you are trying to do them all.

Now, there is something to be said for being present on many channels, but you cannot let the channels manage you instead.

3. It’s Supposed to be Social

One of the biggest issues with why all of these algorithms exist in the first place is because too many people are trying to automate, not create. They know the hashtags, the boosting mechanics and they are just fine. When, in fact, social media isn’t about that at all.

Social media was never the place that was going to be full of ads, sponsored posts, or boosted statuses. It’s supposed to be social. It’s meant to be full of ideas, conversation, inspiration and more and it’s time for you to get back in there and start truly and genuinely interacting.

4. Leverage Facebook Groups

Another way social media is great is that you don’t even have to use your own page to help promote your business and share ideas and inspiration. Facebook groups are larger and more powerful than ever. There are tons of places where creative people just like you hang out and ask each other questions.

Find a way to remove the “sales” from social media and share some of your own knowledge. In return, you might just gain a little something from a stranger from across the country.

5. Social Media Isn’t Your Only Option

Finally, social media is not the only answer. It’s popular, convenient, and helpful, but it’s not the only way to market yourself. Don’t forget this.

In fact, people are so bombarded every day with ads and sponsored posts that they are actually becoming less likely to fall for the ploys that marketers are trying to use. Instead, market a different way. Send more personal emails through your email lists. Send some snail mail as a thank you. Give a gift to a vendor you worked with along with some images you shared.

Social media is key to running a business, but don’t give social media the key to running your business without you. It can be easy to automate, schedule, post, repeat in hopes that it will be enough, but soon enough it won’t. You are going to have to log in yourself and start a conversation just like the principles that social media was founded on when it first started.

Social media is about connection, not advertising. So, instead of complaining about the algorithms, get going on your social media the right way with these five tips.