How to Create a Website Bio That Builds Trust

There are many elements of your website that are important in displaying your work, educating visitors, and building trust with future clients. That’s why your website needs to be up to date and looking great at all times.

One of the toughest elements of building your site is creating a bio that will be inviting and trustworthy to your potential clients. There are many examples online right now that do this very well and some that do it very poorly. In order to create a bio about yourself that is easy to read and also inviting can be a challenge in itself.

1. Honest

First and foremost, your bio has to be honest. As much as social media and the internet have a tendency to make people believe that everyone lives a perfect life that’s simply not the case.

Being honest about your origin of the camera and being truthful about your experiences and beliefs is only going to bring you better clients in the future. For example, if you are displaying yourself in a way that resonates with clients who think one way but you think another way you are not only avoiding being authentic but you will feel less fulfilled with those clients rather than your ideal clients.

2. Concise

While some of you may be exceptional writers, there’s a delicate balance in your bio about how much information is too much info. The idea of a bio is to both inform and to entice those who want to meet you.

Your bio should give the basics of your information. Details such as where you are from, what you enjoy doing, a bit about your family, why you love photographer for starters are helpful. Anything you add on top is going to be more personal, but you want the gist of it to be inviting so that a client might want to learn more about you.

3. Personable

Finally, being personable and relatable is going to be another huge aspect of your bio. No matter what niche you might photograph in, being relatable and able to connect to a real human is going to separate you from others in your field.

Too many photographers fear the online presence and have stiff and cold bios about themselves that are highly uninviting. Using the word “you” throughout your bio will make it more personal almost immediately. Think of your bio as a letter to your future client or a note to a new friend.

Using these three simple tips in the bio portion of your website will make a huge difference in how your clients and customers view you but also how they interact with you. One of the most important things to remember is that your clients are people and people desire connection. You can use that as a leverage point to create lasting relationships and incredible client experiences in all parts of your photography business.