Episode 14: Interview With Jenn Bondy

Inspired Photographer



Jennifer Bondy is currently a senior studying photography at the College for Creative Studies in Detroit, Michigan. She enjoys creating photographs of all kinds, and she is constantly drawing inspiration from the beautiful people and environments that surround her. She loves all aspects of her craft; from ideation, to execution and creation, to post production. She believes that there is a beauty in finding the light in people, places, and things, and this is something that drives much of her artwork.


I want to give a huge thank you to Jenn for taking the time to chat with us! I consider myself as much a student as the listening audience, and appreciate her sharing her extensive knowledge.

Credit: Photo by Katlaind Brooke Jones.

Jenn Can Be Found At:

» Jenn’s Main Website: JennBondyPhoto.com

»Jenn on Behance: Behance.net/JenniferBondy

»Jenn on Tumblr: JennBondyPhoto.Tumblr.com

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