Episode 18: Interview With Nicole S. Young

Professional Photographer and Author



Image © dav.d (daviddanielsphotography.com)

Today we chat with Nicole S. Young, full-time photographer and author. Her specialties are food and landscape photography, and she also runs an online store focusing on post processing tools, along with her own self published eBooks. She has books published through Peachpit Press, and eBooks published through Craft&Vision. In addition, she creates stock images for her portfolios over on iStockphoto and Getty Images.

In our discussion, Nicole shares with us how she’s made her own way and is able to support herself full time with her creative endeavors.


I want to give a huge thank you to Nicole for taking the time to chat with us! I consider myself as much a student as the listening audience, and appreciate her sharing her extensive knowledge.

Nicole Can Be Found At:

» Nicolesy.com: Her website and blog that features her photography.

» Store.Nicolesy.com: Nicole’s online store. She sells post-processing tools, such as presets, actions and textures, along with some of her own self-published eBooks, all at extremely affordable prices.

Nicole’s Recommended Resources

» KelbyOne.com: Great photography courses, taught through videos.

» Lynda.com: Great general resource for online learning.