Technology is Power

Technology is power

Technology is your friend, although it might not seem like it all the time. It can be overwhelming and exhausting to think about because it seems like those who are best at using technology are already so far ahead.

It can all be intimidating, it’s true, but there are an innumerable amount of reasons why you should be trying to capitalize on, not only technology but all of the tools available to you through this outlet.

Though there are tons of way you can be utilizing technology for your business, here are three of the main ways you can significantly increase your business by making things smoother and more efficient using different modes of technology.

1. Photoshop & Lightroom

These are the two largest editing tools and they are taking photography by storm. No matter what niche you are in, these two have all the tools and more that you might need to edit and improve your photographs.

These two tools are all-powerful when it comes to taking an image you think is lost and unfixable to a masterpiece. Though both of these tools require some training, learning Photoshop and Lightroom are almost essential in today’s realm of photography no matter how great of a photographer you might be.

Clients and customers are loving the bright colors, the incredible backdrop and the ability to smooth, shrink, enhance, or remove entire parts of an image.

2. Website

This is one that should probably go without saying because similar to the way Photoshop and Lightroom will help you, the photographer, having a website will help your clients. In the age of Google searches, nearly all clients would rather email questions and inquiries then call like they would have done ten years ago.

A website is a great way to market yourself by having a place where people can go to to get most of their questions answered. No more calls about pricing twenty times per day. You can dedicate an entire page to pricing so nearly all of your potential clients can get the answers they need without ever speaking to you.

Though there are good and bad aspects to this, a website does play a much more important role and that is as a portfolio. It’s a safe place to showcase your work all across the screens of anyone who finds your site.

This is beyond effective because they get to see your style, your skills, your niche and preferences, and they see what they can expect for their own needs. This eliminates tons of unnecessary time spent trying to plan times to meet, scheduling calls, and attempting to describe your work in words. Sometimes a picture really is worth a thousand words.

3. Social Media

You probably could have guessed that this would be on the list. As much of it is a social tool, it’s also an easy marketing tool. Nearly all of them are free and you get to have free reign and design on how you want your name, brand, or business platform displayed. This is just as important as a website, if not more so.

Social media is a marketing tool and a connection tool. It allows you to connect with potential clients who will like, comment, and share your images, but it’s also an exceptional tool to connect you with other creatives in the same or similar business as you. This also means that you will be the recipient of these connections as well.

If your style stands out, you may have new or struggling photographers reaching out to you for advice tips or techniques just like you will most likely do with other photographers like you.

Technology is going to be an ever-changing outlet, but it’s just one way that you need to be taking advantage of in order to grow your business. Getting started takes little time, a little more education, and a lot of purpose in order to be effective, but it’s a sure-fire way to get your name out there, showcase your images, and connect with people where they are.