140: Recap Episode: Steps to Identifying Your Perfect Client

In this solo recap episode, I want to really focus on the process of identifying your ideal clients.

If you’re trying to market to everybody, then you’re really marketing to nobody.

Identifying WHO you’re trying to reach is really where you will begin to catapult your photography business forward.

Ask yourself these 5 questions. Better yet, right them down and save them so that you have them on hand to serve as a reminder! Your answer will drive how you market your business, and even where you advertise.

Think about a past clients that you LOVED working with. Then ask yourself the following questions:

Who is your perfect client? Questions to answer:

  1. What are their hopes, dreams, and passions?

  2. What do they value? (for example: family)

  3. What and who does this person connect with?

  4. What do they like to do for fun?

  5. What are their priorities?

Be specific.

Let’s run through an example with a high end family portrait client.

  1. What are their hopes, dreams, and passions? To leave a legacy.
  2. What do they value? Family generational ties. In-person face time over digital time.
  3. What and who does this person connect with? Other folks who value family and carries themselves well. Dresses a certain way.
  4. What do they like to do for fun? Eat sushi. Shop at boutique stores. Peruse art galleries and buy art for their home. Have get-togethers at the yacht club with friends and family.
  5. What are their priorities? Family. Doing things well. Taking care of their home.


Answer these questions. Your answers will help you identify the characteristics of your “perfect” clients. From here, look at your past clients, and identify those that fall into this criteria.

Dive Deeper

If you want to dive deeper, business consultant Heidi Thompson shows you in much more detail than I review here how to identify and then essentially “clone” your perfect clients through an interview process. In fact, she discusses this whole process in detail in her book HERE.


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