177: Luci Dumas Discusses Knowing Your Client and Making More Sales

Luci is an award-winning PPA Mastercraftsman full time portrait and wedding photographer with 36 years of experience. Children are her special love, and she has always been like every kid’s Aunt Luci. Most clients purchase several large portraits to use as art in their homes, as well as an album and some gift. It is a high dollar, low volume business model, and her averages are between $$3000 and $9000 per client.
She is also the owner and head coach of Insight Training for Photographers. Her passion is helping photographers become highly profitable and super confident while doing what they love. Her super power selling is teaching others how to have large sales using a projector.

In this interview, we tackle the following topics:

  • the role that selling plays in a professional photography business
  • the struggle of the comparison game
  • the power of learning what your specialty is
  • the importance of knowing your audience
  • learning who your ideal client is
  • tips on sales and establishing yourself as a guide for clients
  • planting seeds from the very first phone call
  • consultations to continue build the relationship
  • creating an emotional experience for your clients
  • the process of pre-qualifying your clients
  • making it clear with the service your provide that you are the authority and expert

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  1. I had so much fun with you, Chamira. Looking forward to connecting with the listeners.

  2. It was fantastic chatting with you, Luci! Thank you again for being on the show and inspiring our fellow photographers! 🙂