209: Making Sense of Dollars and Cents with CPA Andrew Jordan

Andrew Jordan is one of those number nerds who has the ability to translate numbers into creative terms so that everyone is speaking the same language. He was inspired to start Big Picture CPA, which is specifically focused on the tax and accounting needs of photographers.  He decided to start the business when he realized his family photographer paid way too much in taxes. This was because the photographer’s accountant didn’t understand the specific rules that apply to the photography profession.

When you attend Making Sense of Dollars & Cents, you’ll learn easy ways to get your books in order without having to be a bookkeeper and discover how you can save money on your taxes annually.

Those who have the opportunity to hear Andrew speak on photography accounting leave with new insights and actionable concepts they can put into effect immediately.

Photo Credit: Drew Kimble – 1281photo.com 

We Discuss:

  • Common mistakes photographers make with their finances
  • Basic bookkeeping tips
  • How to track expenses
  • Basic business structure
  • Easy, basic tips we can do to stay on top of our accounting
  • How separating business from art can actually help you run a better business
  • How to make it easy to track numbers
  • How accounting fits into a photographer’s business

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