214: Wedding Photography Success with Misha Wynn

From Misha’s website: Birthed by two traditional southerners, Misha Wynn was raised in the Dallas/Fort worth metro area.   Wedding photography evolved from a simple picture to the idea of love, which escalated into the intrigue of art and it’s parallels. Misha’s specialty is capturing raw emotion in her images, with hopes that 20 years later, clients will have that exact same feeling when they see their photos from their special day again (never mind the outdated hair). Being a wedding photographer has been one of life’s biggest inspirations. Every weekend, new love is experienced and capturing all those moments turns passion from a job, into a bonafide calling. Loving what you do makes the hustle easy, but doing what you’re called to do makes the world continue to spin around and around.

In this interview, we tackle the following topics:

  • How Misha got started as a wedding photographer
  • Misha’s specific struggles as she got her business up and running.
  • The psychology behind wedding photography, and how it affects a wedding photographers business – as well as the wedding day!
  • Tips for developing our style as photographers, and as well as tips for pursuing our ideal clients?
  • Why a second shooter important for the wedding day.

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