4 Signs That You Might Have “Made It”

Though some of you are there and some of you are not there, the goal is usually the same for everyone. You all want to make it. And while that means different things to different people, there are some clear defining factors that will start to signify that concept of making it.

1. Work doesn’t feel like work.

Though this might never be completely true because administrative tasks usually complicate things when the main work- the work you want to be known for- is something that doesn’t seem to take any effort. No matter what niche you are in, the photographs are the main focus of your work and the sooner you can get the point where you are doing less work to take amazing images, that’s just one sign that you might have made it!

2. You get giddy every time you schedule a shoot.

In the beginning, there’s a sense of fear and even anxiety when you start booking numerous sessions. A fear to impress and make sure that more people keep coming can be a lot when you are new in your photography business. However, when you lose that fear and start to get that butterfly feeling when you book a session in pure anticipation. That’s a moment that’s so special and is a huge milestone in your business.

3. Your sales are up and your management has improved.

Third, there’s a moment when you are starting to grow without outgrowing your processes. One of the best examples of this is when your sales and bookings are growing without hurting or causing problems in your management of these shoots. This stage could last for a day, a week, or a year depending on the photographer, but it’s the first step in making significant growth and working hard to keep up with it so you can still enjoy it.

4. You start turning people away.

One of the final signs in your photography business that signal that you have made it, or are very close is when you actually have to turn people away. At this stage, you get to pick and choose the clients you take on and how many you take on. This is a powerful stage and will offer you a launching point for future sales as well. The idea of becoming a hot commodity that more than enough people want and you feel confident enough in your sales and planning to make it work. You are producing the greatest of quality without losing time working harder than you need to.

There are many stages, as a photographer, that you will go through and likewise, there will be just as many stages as a business owner and when those two paths combine, you start to make incredible progress on your photography business as a whole. To challenge yourself, do your best to start moving in the direction of confidence, management, excitement and making that ideal situation come to life, and then you may have just made it!