109: Recap Episode – Multiple Streams of Income, Being Intentional, and Money Matters


photo-351528_1920 In this solo recap episode, I discuss the most important points and takeaways from my recent chat with Wildlife and Nature Photographer Martin Bailey

Here’s a recap of what I rant about in this episode 🙂

1. Be Intentional When Making in Your Images

Martin mentioned he purposefully seeks to evoke an emotional response when people views his image. He approached his craft in a very intentional manner, rather than taking thousands of random photos. For Wildlife Photography in particular, you have to be both purposeful and patient when trying to capture specific animals and scenes.

2. Consider multiple avenues of income

Today, there are many ways streams of income you can pursue. While Martin takes on the occasional commercial job, much of his income from selling high end stock photography, fine art prints, tours around the world. He also makes money from his podcast!

3. Know what goes into the rates you charge

Knowing the factors that go into determining the rate you charge is essential. Please don’t just pick a number out of thin air, or try to undercut your competitor. Instead, consider the following the factors when deciding how much to charge a commercial client for your work and time: your rent, work vehicle expenses, camera gear, business expenses, how much you want to save, taxes you’ll need to pay, and how many days you expect to work each year. This will give you a solid start in determining a sustainable Day Rate for your business.