Episode 173: A Marketing Moment: Gavin Wade Discusses the Biggest Marketing Mistake Photographers Make

Welcome to “A Marketing Moment” episode, where I bring you bite-sized marketing tips that you can apply to your business. I asked the previous episode’s guest what they’re doing to market their business this week, and they give their candid reply.


In this marketing moment episode, wedding photographer and Cloudspot.io CEO Gavin Wade shares some actionable marketing tips with us.

Have you listened to Gavin’s full interview? If not, make sure you do so HERE.

Listen in and be ready to take notes!

  • Gavin discusses the biggest mistake photographers make when trying to marketing their business
  • The difference between “short term” and “long term” marketing strategies
  • The role relationships plays with marketing
  • How to narrow down exactly WHO you want to market to, and what to do next
  • The process of learning from our peers

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