179: James Kegley Discusses Finding the RIGHT Clients and Keeping Them Happy

Today we chat with editorial and corporate photographer James Kegley!


Here’s a bit about James in his own words: “I didn’t get into photography until I was in my early to mid-30s, after doing a number of sales jobs that left me unfulfilled and taking a long trip and then a chance on photography.

I have been shooting editorial, corporate and educational institution jobs in the Washington DC area and around the world since the mid 90s. My clients have included Forbes, TIME, USA Today, National Geographic Channels and Television, Leo Burnett, The Smithsonian Institution, Smart Money,  Barrons,  Peace Corps,  National Endowment for the Arts,  National Endowment for the Humanities,  Medstar National Rehab Hospital, PreKnow, The Riecken Foundation, The Broad Foundation among others. Whether it’s a head and shoulders headshot or a large production shoot, I always enjoy shooting people and the interactions which occur along the way. I would love to talk to you about your next project!”

We discuss in detail:

  • running your own business is an exercise in constant learning and organizing
  • Keeping clients is a lot easier than finding new ones
  • the other part of a photographer’s duty that is just as important as taking great photos
  • care about your client’s needs
  • the importance (and challenge!) of finding the time to learn
  • knowing exactly who you want to work with and putting yourself out there
  • relationship-building helps with getting new clients
  • making it easy for business clients for giving you assingments
  • The benefits of using PhotoShelter for his photography business, including storing and sharing images with clients, showing samples to potential clients, 3rd tier backup, and the option to sell stock.
  • Getting referrals from other photographers
  • the process of building trust
  • Recommended resources: John Harringtons  Book – Best Business Practices for Photographers, local chapters of ASMP, APA, PPA

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