188: Jordan Taylor Wright Discusses Connecting with Your Audience and Finding Your Courage

Jordan Taylor Wright, founder of Taylor Cut Films, is a creative director and filmmaker based out of Los Angeles. Taylor Cut Films is a production company/ creative agency specializing in music videos, commercials, and films. Over a 10-year span, Taylor Cut Films has worked and created original content for artists such as Usher, Justin Bieber, Jennifer Lopez, and The Chainsmokers. Jordan and his team are currently creating ad campaigns with renowned brands such as Bose, L’Oréal, American Express, and Marvel. Taylor Cut Films will soon announce a slate of original TV and film content for 2018/2019.

In this interview, we tackle the following topics:

  • How to better connect with your audience
  • The difference between hearing vs listening
  • Finding courage in the face of growing in your career
  • The art of collaboration
  • The art of leaning into what makes you uncomfortable
  • Not limiting yourself in the pursuit of your photography business
  • How video can be an asset to your business
  • The role of storytelling in your business
  • Being the best version of yourself

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