192: Photographer Miguel Ribeiro Fernandes Shares How He Finds Balance in His Business

Experienced wedding, editorial, and corporate photographer Miguel Ribeiro Fernandes joins us in today’s info-packed interview!

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In Miguel’s own words:

“For me photography it’s all about life, capturing emotions and unique moments. And what ‘s there better for it then a wedding? I photograph weddings in the exact same way I work on stories for newspapers and magazines. Focus on the high tension points and details that together will create the narrative of the day. All with a very candid approach. For me wedding photography is just another way of telling stories. A happy way. Filled with light and shadows, meaningful gestures, wide smiles. My style combines photojournalism and portrait. Clean and beautiful.”

In this interview, we tackle the following topics:

  • How Miguel got started in photography
  • The difference between being a staff photographer vs running your own business
  • The importance of having people skills
  • What Miguel struggled with (and learned!) as he got his business up and running
  • The challenges of working in different photography niches at the same time
  • The process of figuring out proper balance in your business, and discovering yourself as a photographer
  • The process of re-inventing yourself as a photographer continually, even if you’ve been in the game for many years
  • The role of getting out and meeting people
  • The importance of having a portfolio to show
  • How Miguel found his first wedding clients
  • The most important thing Miguel does to prepare his wedding clients
  • PhotoShelter’s role in Miguel’s photography business

Miguel Can Be Found At:

Miguel’s headshot was taken by Pedro Vilela