194: Photographer Simon Plant Discusses Running a Successful Corporate and Lifestyle Business

Travel, corporate and lifestyle photographer Simon Plant joins us in today’s info-packed interview. Simon is based out of the UK and works nationally and internationally for a wide range of clients.

With an interest in people and exploring new places, Simon draws upon decades of his photographic knowledge from both behind the camera and the post-production suite. The images he creates can often be summed up as tranquil, uncluttered, beautiful moments, you could say it’s his idyllic vision of the world and the people that appear within it.

Working nationally & internationally for a range of clients he is happy shooting to tightly controlled briefs and pushing above and beyond what’s requested on time and within budget. Together with help from his producer a full production can be handled providing a convenient turnkey solution when requested.

Below is Simon’s written interview. Be sure to listen to the audio as well!

1. Give us an overview of yourself and your background.
“I’m a self-taught photographer, although I did a home study course in the late late 1980’s with the New York Institute Of Photography. I also assisted for a short time helping shoot everything from Door Knobs to the Queen’s Cousin at St James Palace in London.”
2. What did you struggle with (and learn!) as you got your photography business up and running?
“Photography isn’t hard to learn, especially these days with so much information at your finger tips. What’s hard is getting the work. I’d always advise new photographers to learn to master photography but once that is mastered learning to marketing is key.”
3. How can photographers make their work stand out amongst the sea of photographers these days?
“Being a great photographer is a given. There are lots of great photographers the only way to stand out is to shoot what makes you the person you are. So the short answer is …work out what images you like and why you like them (the lighting, the lens, the colour etc). Work out what your passions are and apply your photographic style to the thing you are passionate about. Not everyone will love what you shoot and the style you do it in BUT your will love it and it will be your best work and those who love it will know you for doing it. Hopefully, if marketed consistently and to the right markets, you will gain recognition and work.”
4. What are some tips you might have for photographers wanting to break into Travel and Corporate Lifestyle photography?
“I think my advice is not specific to any particular genre of photography, but rather applies to any of them. Produce great work (that should be a given) and don’t worry if you only have a dozen images as long as they are 12 great images. Produce work that is unique to you and relevant to your market. Have an abundance of tenacity, a thick skin and stay focussed with faith in your work. Market consistently and make sure you are reaching the correct person who commissions.”

Simon Can Be Found At:
»  www.simonplant.co.uk