217: Nick Wilcox-Brown: Finding the Right Clients and the Right Mission

Nick is a UK-based photographer and film-maker with a passion for wildlife and people. Shooting for leading editorial, commercial and advertising clients for over 25 years, Nick has a broad range of experience in many different photographic specialities. He particularly enjoys working on wildlife, conservation and development projects.
He’s also heavily involved with livingwithwildlife.org.uk, an organization that helps everyday families in rural Africa who face extreme poverty. If you would like to learn about the appeal, you can watch this 2 min film which explains it: 

All donations to the appeal will be doubled by the UK Government until 14th April, so we are keen to spread the word! You can donate here: http://livingwithwildlife.org.uk/

In this interview, we tackle the following topics:

  • How Nick got started as a photographer
  • What he learned as he got his business up and running
  • How he found the right clients that aligned with his mission
  • Fun client stories from the field that we can all learn from!
  • His involvement with SendaCow and the Living with Wildlife campaign
  • Why it’s important to have a greater purpose/mission with our photography business

Nick Can Be Found At: