132: Andrew Hellmich on Marketing Yourself, Finding Clients, and Networking with Vendors

Andrew Hellmich is the host and founder of PhotoBizX, t
he business focussed, weekly audio workshop for wedding and portrait photographers. He also runs a successful wedding and portrait photography business in Australia.

Andrew has been shooting professionally for 20 years and photography has allowed he and his family a terrific lifestyle, a home, great schooling for his boys and overseas holidays most years.

In Andrew’s words… I was once told “Get paid for what you love to do and you’ll never have to work a day in your life”. This resonated early in my life and became a focus. I don’t consider myself an amazing photographer and I didn’t get where I am by working it all out on my own… no chance. Instead, I listened and learnt from those better than me.

I want to give a huge thank you to Andrew for taking the time to chat with us! I consider myself as much a student as the listening audience, and appreciate him sharing his extensive knowledge with us.

Finding clients and network with vendors

In this interview, we discuss:

  • Word of mouth: delivering a great experience, returning phone calls, emails, great photos, tea, chocolates, ask for referrals
  • Upselling as a service to your clients
  • How to effectively network with vendors
  • Finding your right style, branding, attracting clients.
  • Branding is what people think of you. It’s the experience. Carry it all the way through. People buy into you.
  • Marketing yourself via newsletters
  • (We share some of our confessions!)

Andrew Can Be Found At:

»  Photobizx.com: an excellent resource for wedding and portrait photographers wanting to improve their businesses.

» Impact-Images.com.au: Impact Images, Andrew’s client-facing site